2022 in Review – How to Film Anywhere, from Iceland to New Caledonia

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Let’s take a moment to look back on 2022

Storytailors has come a long way this past year, and we’re excited to share our progress with you. In 2022, we serviced a multitude of projects and seized many opportunities, placing our network in a more than exciting position for the future.

We`re grateful for all the fun we had by working with so many talented professionals on amazing projects.

By building strong relationships with clients, partners, and fixers we plan to enter the next stage of our business journey.

+250 projects in 2022

For starters, we’ve been able to take on more projects than ever before.

One of our main strengths is that we can truly eliminate the hassle of multi-country shoots for our clients. By working with us they get the peace of mind of knowing that, no matter how many countries they need to shoot in, we can handle it.

For example, one of our dearest projects of 2022 was “Share the Weight” in Taiwan and Mexico. The project involved sharing stories of people struggling with obesity, as part of an informational campaign making people understand that obesity is an illness. In Taiwan it was a completely remote shoot, while in Mexico the producer and director were on the ground. We had to overcome many challenges, but we worked with such great people, both the local teams and the client, MTP – Mallinson Television Productions to share an extremely valuable message.

Behind the scenes from Porto

Another interesting project that is worth mentioning is the one with NFL, filmed in Poland and Latvia. The NFL produced a documentary about the wives of Ukrainian football players who are soldiers in the war.

As you know, we’ve got local crews in almost all of the big cities of Africa, Latin America and Asia, not to mention Europe. Our local crews can also travel around their countries with the newest video equipment and also stay in touch with you through a remote live-feed system. In this project, with the help of our local fixers: Olita, Agnieszka and Artem, we organized a terrific shoot that involved an American football game in Poland, where Sophia Ivanko (The Voice Kids participant) performed at halftime.

Last, but not least, we’d also like to mention one of our most heartfelt projects, when a 25-yo adopted Swiss man was reunited with Romanian birth mother on Swiss Television.  We helped with the research process and also located the mother in Romania and got in touch with her. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our local producer, the DoP, and also the German-Romanian translator. They finally met face-to-face in an emotional and exhilarating reunion and we were happy to be part of it all.

The Storytailors team

Storytailors stands by visionary filmmakers, all across the world. We are so grateful to the 785 people from 107 countries that make up the Storytailors crew.

Therefore, we want to thank you all for being part of the Storytailors network and for supporting us tirelessly throughout 2022. We have done so many different things this year and we are proud to have so many clients, people and around the world that trusted us to help them with their stories.

Thank you all for being part of this great journey, we couldn’t have been happier, it means a lot that you are with us.

We know it takes time, energy and a lot of networking to build a successful business for everyone involved.

What’s in store for 2023?

This year was a great one for Storytailors! We had the opportunity to work on many projects, both small and large. Our team has grown as well, which is always exciting. 

We feel like we’ve grown a lot in our understanding of the media industry and how we can contribute to it, and we expect this to continue.

We’re looking forward to shaping more great stories with all of you next year!

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