From Growth to Gratitude: A Closer Look at Storytailors’ 2023 Highlights

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2023 unwrapped

This past year has been a remarkable chapter in our story, filled with growth and numerous opportunities.

Our team has had the privilege of servicing various projects, capturing numerous compelling stories, and seizing countless opportunities that position our network for an even more exciting future.

We’re eager to embark on new endeavors and continue growing together in the positive spirit that defines Storytailors.

+300 projects in 2023

Throughout 2023, Storytailors had the privilege of serving over 90 clients from 23 countries, collectively contributing to the success of 308 completed projects.

This global collaboration not only showcases our network’s diversity but also reflects our clients’ trust and satisfaction worldwide. We are genuinely grateful to work with such a diverse and talented community of local producers and production managers.

Step into the fast-paced world of Storytailors’ cinematic triumphs as we delve into one of the exhilarating projects that defined our year: “Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story”.

This four-part series delves into the extraordinary narrative of Ross Brawn’s namesake team, which faced near-extinction after Honda withdrew its ownership in 2009. Against all odds, the rebranded Brawn GP not only survived but stunned the Formula 1 world by clinching both the drivers’ title with Jenson Button and the constructors’ title. Adding an unexpected twist to this riveting tale is the choice of the presenter—none other than the enigmatic Keanu Reeves.

But hold up, there’s more!

The next project that fills us with pride is “Gold: A Journey With Idris Elba.

The documentary unravels the intricate impact of gold, tracing its influence from the 1800s Gold Rush era that fueled the demand for iconic brands like Levi’s jeans to contemporary explorations for new gold deposits in Peru. Throughout this visual journey, Idris Elba unveils captivating moments and significant milestones that shed light on the human stories and socio-economic implications associated with gold. 

We contributed to this project by providing logistical support, drone operation, and sound operation for the shoots in Peru.

In conclusion

A series of accomplishments have marked the past year, and we take immense pride in serving numerous clients, connecting with people worldwide, and earning the trust of those who chose us to provide video production support.

A heartfelt expression of gratitude goes to every team member for their unwavering contributions.

Here’s to an inspiring and prosperous 2024!✨

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