Storytailors is a global video production agency providing production support to media & film professionals around the world.

We have a network of production experts in 40 countries and offer our clients complete business video production services. If you want to film a documentary, a promotional video for a corporate client, a cover story or a TV commercial, we are the ones you need to call. We can help you out with location scouting, equipment rental, film crew sourcing, and even video production studio rental. Storytailors is a one-stop video production agency and our aim is to provide global support regardless of where you need to shoot.

Storytailors global video production agency

Fast & easy access to any of the 40 countries we are present in

We make TV, doc & commercial production easy. All you have to do when you have a film or media project is to check out our network page and see if we cover the country you want to shoot in.

If it is, just contact us and tell us more about your business video production. If you need support with research, our video production agency is also able to help you. Once we know all the details, we will provide you with a quote for production support. After agreeing, we assign one of our local professionals to assist you on each step of the way.

From initial research and fact-checking to equipment rental deals, logistics management, film permits, and local talent and contributors, we help you enjoy a streamlined filming process.

And even if the country you want to film in is not part of Storytailors’ global network, just write to us. We may be able to help. Because Storytailors is a video production agency where we believe that nothing is impossible as long as you have the desire to overcome any obstacle.

Storytailors global video production agency

How does a global video production agency work?

Storytailors was born from the need to provide media & filmmaking professionals with the production support they need regardless of the country they are filming in.

Every time you hire a local video production agency or a fixer to help you out with film permits, local access and fact-checking, you toss a coin. Some local coordinators will be good at their job, while others will end up costing you time and money. Storytailors takes out the coin toss. With us, you can rest assured that, regardless of where you are filming your TV commercial production, the local services will be flawless.

We carefully select our equipment rental partners and local production managers from each country based on their unique abilities, flexibility, and problem-solving capabilities. This is how we ensure that you get to work with the best video production studio, receive equipment rental deals at local prices and enjoy expert production support that will help you save time and money.

Whether you are shooting a promotional video, feature film, documentary movie or TV commercial, you can count on Storytailors. Your corporate video production is in good hands with us.

Storytailors global video production agency

The People Behind Our Global Video Production Agency

Wondering who are the people behind the camera? We connect passionate & knowledgeable film & media professionals into a global video production agency where any filmmaker, producer or journalist finds reliable local help.



Global Production Specialist a.k.a. Criminal Mastermind

The only Mojo Jojo there is room for in the world shall be me. And being the only Mojo Jojo in the world, I will rule the world, in which there is only one Mojo Jojo!

When he is not busy devising evil plans to take over the world, Paul enjoys tending to his plants, getting into philosophical debates on Tinder and playing dress-up as he watches Clint Eastwood’s movies.

With over 10 years of experience in both documentary/current affairs stories and corporate video production, Paul is the main liaison between the clients and our global network of production support experts. He personally addresses every inquiry and works tirelessly to ensure that producers filming in our territories get everything they need.

After that, he goes back to his collection of carnivore plants and doomsday plans.


Production Specialist a.k.a. Everybody’s Favorite Button Pusher

Uhhh, what does this button do?

As opposed to her cartoon counterpart, Andra knows how to push the right buttons. Whether it is getting a film permit fast and without hassle or getting free coffee and a doughnut, she is an expert at getting what she wants. She also enjoys putting whoopee cushions on Paul’s chair and doing the robot walk as she enters the office.

With a journalistic background, she has a lot of experience in offering production support to media & filmmaking professionals and our clients love her straightforward way. Andra also specializes in TV commercial production.




Executive Producer a.k.a. The Maverick Alien

May the Force be with you.

Sergio descends in a direct line from the Anunnaki (creators of the human race) and remains on Earth to help their survival. When he has no hostile aliens to fight, asteroids to destroy, or satellite traffic jams to manage, he devotes his time to the sublime art of storytelling through images.

The lack of activity out of orbit eventually turned him into an experienced filmmaker involved in dozens of productions in the last 3 decades. Based in Portugal, he often uses the capacities of his four brains to solve any problems that may arise, and we’re glad to have him in the portfolio of our video production agency.

For a long time, he has been helping us on several world-renowned brands and projects with his multiple skills, whether in production support, location scouting or casting management.


Production Specialist a.k.a. Dolphin Detective

If I’m not back in five minutes, just wait longer.

Above everything else, Maro loves his hair and he is not afraid to show it, especially to Sergio. He also enjoys dressing in stripes and swimming with the dolphins at least until security escorts him out of the oceanarium.

As an Eastern Europe producer based in Croatia, Maro has over 10 years of experience in coordinating business video production and offering production support to global media brands. He also specializes in TV commercial production having worked with global brands like Honda, Porsche, and Samsung.




Production Specialist a.k.a Tentacles

I am the Saiyan who came all the way from Earth for the sole purpose of beating you.

When Juhno gets pissed off, which doesn’t happen very often, long tentacles come out from his body. This is when he kicks everybody out of the house and gives in his habit of compulsive cleaning. Having a couple of tentacles at hand helps get the job done faster, after all.

Juhno has been with our video production agency for a long time and has offered production support to our clients in Asia. He is currently based in Seoul where he specializes in music videos, documentary films and TV commercial production. 


Production Specialist a.k.a. Screaming Warrior Princess

You gotta be careful with it. What are you doing with my whip, anyway?

Our own Amazon princess, Lizeth, enjoys nice and long bubble baths in the river and playing with her deathly snake. Her pet snake is also her best friend because of the mystery connection they both share with the universe. Sometimes she can attract spirits from the past.

Specialized in documentary films, Lizeth is an experienced local coordinator based in Peru, Latin America. She is an important asset of our video production agency and not because we are scared of her rituals, but because she is fantastic at her job.




Production Specialist a.k.a. The Murderous Bride

It’s mercy, compassion, and forgiveness I lack. Not rationality.

Tako’s sweet smile means that is thinking about torturing devices, puppies or mass-murder guns. She enjoys long hot baths, classical music and bioweapons.

With a solid journalistic background, Tako also has experience in documentary film and business video production. Just like Max, she is new to Storytailors video production agency and we are happy to welcome her (and her numerous weapons) to our family.


Production Specialist a.k.a. Goat Lover & Filmmaker

Please, come and see my film. If not success, I will be execute.

Francesco’s biggest fear is that one day, he will wake up and find his chin strap missing, eaten by one of his numerous goats. When he is not doing journalistic stuff, you can find him on the beach, working on his fabulous tan. 

He is a very experienced media professional who has worked in video production studios across the Globe and has directed, produced, edited and filmed TV shows and feature films as well as documentary films and news reports. Francesco is a key partner in our video production agency and we love working with him.




Production Specialist a.k.a. Shaggy Super Spy

Allow myself to introduce myself.

Max never misses his night-time beauty ritual of applying precious oils onto his hair and bathing in platypus milk. He enjoys playing darts with his ex’s picture and is currently searching his soulmate on Tinder.

With over 12 years of experience in business video production and a London acquired master’s degree in filmmaking, Max offers our clients expert production support. He is new to our video production agency, but we feel that he’s already become part of the family.


Project Manager a.k.a. Intergalactic Queen of Cats

In the name of the moon, I will right wrong and triumph over evil. And that means you!

When she is not exploring underground canals and hidden alleyways in search of lost cats, Ruxandra is busy dreaming that one day she will be able to use her star-shaped wand to get an instant boob job.

With many years of experience in project management and digital marketing, Ruxandra is in charge of our video production agency’s online presence. She also wrote this page in case any of our partners feel like slowly murdering the person who created the descriptions.