5 Exquisite Filming Locations in South Korea

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Many filming locations in South Korea have captured the attention of the public with scenes from Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Trek: Beyond and Sense8 being shot in this beautiful country. With one of the fastest internet connections in the world, generous tax incentives for filmmakers and fast approvals, South Korea is a very attractive filming destination. Whether you are interested in a documentary movie, a feature film or a TV commercial, South Korea may prove to be the perfect choice. Check out our top for the best filming locations in South Korea.

Filming in Seoul

The capital of South Korea is not only an impressive city, but also the top choice for numerous filmmakers. Many scenes from Avengers: Age of Ultron were filmed in Seoul on the famous Gangnam Boulevard, in the beautiful & futuristic Nuriktum Square or in the impressive Mullae Steel Complex. Skyscrapers, pop culture and quirky independent shops make Seoul a perfect filming destination.

However, if you are looking for historic filming locations in South Korea, you should know that this buzzing city is also home to breathtaking historical landmarks. One of them is the Gyeongbokgung Palace located on an island in the middle of a lake with three stone bridges leading to this gorgeous palace. One of the most spectacular filming locations in South Korea is Bukchon Hanok Village. This ancient settlement perfectly preserves a 600-year-old city from the time of the Joseon Dynasty.

One of the most colorful filming locations in South Korea

Located in Busan, South Korea, Gamechon Culture Village is a unique place in this world. With twisting alleys, steep stairs and colorful houses decorated with incredible art pieces, Gamechon has an interesting history. It was built in 1950 by the Korean War refugees and it wasn’t always the colorful “Lego” city it is today. However, due to people’s creativity, Gamechon Culture Village is one of the most spectacular filming locations in South Korea now.

Filming in the Jangsado Island

With its iconic red bridge that appeared in many films and breathtaking sea park full of camellia flowers, Jangsado is among the most exquisite filming locations in South Korea. You may also recognize the tunnel of camellia trees from Korean soap operas. Filming in Jangsado is an incredible experience and it offers plenty of opportunities for iconic shots.

One of the best filming locations in South Korea  Jeju Island

There is a reason why Jeju Island is famous. This gorgeous island located off the coast of South Korea has the longest lava tube in the world. It also has a spectacular wild coastline with veiled waterfalls, winding paths and smooth beaches. If you recognize the images, then you must have seen “Jewel in the Palace”. This popular historical drama was filmed on Jeju Island and some of its iconic images have captured our hearts. If you are looking for filming locations in South Korea that feature a spectacular scenery and unique geology, then Jeju Island may be the ideal location for you.

Filming in Incheon

A beautiful port city close to many charming South Korean islands, Incheon is an ideal filming destination. As far as filming locations in South Korea go, this city has everything – gorgeous beaches, historical temples, amazing urban parks. You can find many opportunities for spectacular shots in Incheon. You can also explore the traditional fish markets and capture the daily lives of the locals. Regardless of what you plan on filming, Incheon offers you unique opportunities.

Of course, there are more beautiful and unique filming locations in South Korea. If you are interested in a certain location or need more information about filming in South Korea, get in touch with us at paul@storytailors.tv.

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