Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys – Case Study

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Client – Channel 5 UK

Following in Bram Stoker’s footsteps, this episode of Extreme Railway Journeys reenacts the writer’s journey by train from Budapest to Dracula’s Castle in Romania.

We were delighted to work on this entertaining episode alongside Chris Tarrant and organize this multi-country shoot, which was a historic one. After all, without Bram Stoker’s journey more than a hundred years ago, Hollywood would not have vampires today.

What we did

Storytailors was in charge of service production. We helped complete this exciting episode by:

  • Doing the initial research & story development
  • Managing the relationship with local authorities
  • Finding valuable local contributors
  • Dealing with film permits & overall location management
  • Taking care of all the logistic aspects for the film crew

Where we did it

We started in Budapest, Hungary, and ended our shoot at the Dracula Castle in Romania. The challenging part is that Dracula’s Castle, located in a mountainous village called Bran, is a very touristic destination.

However, due to our local collaborators, we managed to get the authorities in line with our goals and have an amazing shoot into the heart of Romania.

How we did it

We started this project long before the crew arrived in Budapest. Storytailors provided the initial research and outlined the story development of this episode. Thus, when Chris and his crew arrived in Budapest, we were ready for them and had everything in place, including the contributors.

Everything went smoothly, thanks to our project manager, as well as our local collaborators who made sure that Chris and his team had a wonderful experience filming this episode.

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