A Guide To Finding The Right Corporate Video Production Company

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If you want to make the most out of your video project, go for the professionals. Hiring a corporate video production company for any project involving your team is not that hard to do. If you know what to look for, you’ll surely find the right people. Corporate filming is one of the branches most videographers work in, so they should be right there for you, no matter the scope or size of your project.

Regardless if you’re doing a Christmas video with your team for social media, a video safety demonstration for new employees, or any other video product for your company, letting the people who know how to do it take care of it is key. Nobody is born knowing everything, so it is natural to not stay true to the idea you can manage this. Especially if you’ve only shot videos with your phone during your vacation to Scotland.

Must-haves of a great corporate video production company

What are the features of a great corporate video production company? It all starts with a portfolio, after all, as it is with all services. Look for a company that makes corporate videos as one of its main products. If that’s the case, and their previous work stirred your interest, you’re on the right path.

A great corporate video production company is many things. For starters, they’re working with many companies for producing video content. This means their experience is extensive. Even if you think you can put up a Christmas thank you video for your clients, just setting up a phone and taking a quick video won’t cut it. These people know how to send a strong message, with the right words and frames, so that your message is not just normal, but memorable.

Corporate video services can save you a lot of wasted time. You might think the head of your marketing team can arrange a shooting but the truth is, if they’re not good at it, you will spend a whole day wandering around the office, looking for frames and quiet spots. A production company has the advantage of having done what you need hundreds of times. They know things like lightning, framing, putting the right people where they need to be in the shot, and so on.

It’s not mandatory to hire a video production crew for a video of your company, but the truth is, many productions do require professional help. For example, you can’t just shoot a training video, or a safety briefing video on your own. No matter how well you know your company

Corporate videos – tips for a great production

So you’re planning on doing a video for your corporation, hence reading this article. You’re torn between doing it on your own and hiring a corporate video production company. Regardless if you are the one responsible for the final product, or will decide on hiring a corporate filming crew, here are three tips on how to enhance your production the best that you can.

Purpose and story – Memorable corporate videos start with a purpose and a story. Pick your purpose for the video you’re about to shoot. Is this an ad video, instructional on a product, message to your clients? What is the video going to be for, and about? When you have the purpose, think of the story. What is the best way to give your message meaning? What should your story be about?

Planning – A good corporate video production company will start any production with a clear plan on what to film, where, and how. And so should you! Plan your day or days of shooting by the minute. Write a script for all of the people who’re going to be in the video. Make sure they are notified in advance about where they should be and when. Don’t leave any details out. This is why corporate video services are sometimes expensive. They leave nothing behind.

Production value – Okay, your production doesn’t have to be at a Hollywood level. But production quality does matter. The last thing you want is to post a shaky video with no sounds and bad everything in it. Put some work into it, or don’t do it at all.

Hiring a corporate video production company

If you’re set on hiring professionals for the job, a good corporate video production company is the way to go. Corporate filming is a very niche business, but it is usually covered as a service in large cities everywhere. The features of a great corporate videos team start with a sublime portfolio. Check their website and look for their previous work. Is there something that resembles the characteristics of your company, that they’ve worked on in the past? If yes, you’re one step closer to a hire. You need people who’ve worked for people who are similar to your team. Wow, say that three times fast!

Next, a good corporate video production company will have at least a few years of experience. This is no reason for not hiring a younger company, surely, as more often than not the latter is a better idea. Why? Because smaller, newer companies are more driven to make money. Hence, they’re more ready to put in the harder work than a larger company would. With more time on their hands, and more creative juices in their minds, a boutique production company will surely deliver amazing work. The ideal candidate is the one in the middle. Some experience, but not overworked producers who’re out of ideas.

Lastly, hire a company that speaks your language. Meet them, and see if you and they are on the same page. Are your ideas for videos the right fit for their experience, technique, equipment, and knowledge? If that’s the case, hire them. Otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with looking for the right fit.

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