Diversity on Set: How it’s like to Work with Different Cultures

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Shooting in South Korea with a French director, a Lebanese project manager, and a South Korean production coordinator – there is no greater diversity than working in a global video production agency.

When it comes to video production, working with a diverse team can be an invaluable asset. From generating new ideas and fresh perspectives to enhancing the final product, there are countless benefits to having a team representing various backgrounds and cultures.

Navigating Cultural Differences in Video Production

It’s essential to understand that different cultures have different communication styles, and what works in one culture may not work in another. For example, some cultures prefer direct communication, while others prefer a more indirect approach. 

Providing opportunities for feedback and input from all team members is crucial to ensure everyone feels included and valued. This can consist of regular check-ins that allow people to voice their opinions, concerns, and suggestions about the productions.

This is where the insights of industry professionals like Clementina can be invaluable. With years of experience working on international film projects, she has developed a deep understanding of how to create an inclusive culture on set and how to handle misunderstandings.

,,We were about to film a production regarding food in Mexico / Tulum with influencers. The influencers had to try different food types and also dared to try bugs and worms. Eating bugs like crickets is very common in Mexico, you can find them all over the country in the streets. They, of course, usually sell them with a bit of chili and lemon. The problem was that the end client was from Switzerland and wanted sanitary-certified bugs. That does not exist in Mexico, so the chefs traveling to Mexico had to think of ways to make them sanitary approved, like recooking them again.

Another funny story in this production is when a client requested a certified Thai translator. The problem was that there was no certified Thai translator in Cancun. So the local producer ended up going to a Thai restaurant and asking for help.’’

,,We were shooting a series of interviews for a big streaming platform on a pro ski athlete in Portillo / Chile. The location was remote and stunning, surrounded by snowy mountains and freezing lakes. The nearest city was 3 hours away. The shoot would take place in the resort where the crew was staying. Unfortunately, the resort was very old and had no proper storage facility for the equipment.

The rooms were not big enough for storage. So the equipment ended up being stored during the shoot in the hotels, and every time the client requested equipment or props, a 3-hour trip through the snowy mountains had to be done. Fortunately, it all went pretty well, and the crew was very professional.’’

Clementina, International Production Manager at Storytailors

The success of any film or video project depends on the ability of the team to work together effectively.

Every team member plays a critical role in bringing the project to life, from pre-production to post-production. One of our team members who has consistently demonstrated problem-solving skills is Zeina. Her keen attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and ability to collaborate effectively with team members from different cultures has significantly contributed to the success of our numerous production services

,,Something very interesting happened with us in Bahrain. The shoot was for a luxury sports cars brand, and we were doing B-rolls for the car driving on highways. Our fixer informed the pilot that he could go up to 5 KM ahead and then do you turn as there is a military base afterward.

The pilot didn’t notice the distance and reached the military base, where soldiers went out with their guns, but he pulled back. Now, after the edit, the video should go to the military base for security checks before being aired.’’

Zeina – Senior Production Specialist at Storytailors

In conclusion

Creating a healthy culture on a film set requires a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and respect for all individuals. This involves being open-minded, empathetic, and willing to learn about different cultures and perspectives.

Did you know that in Italy, greeting people with two kisses on the cheek is customary? And in Greece, it’s three kisses! It can be confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a fun way to greet friends and colleagues. So, next time you’re working on a project with a multicultural team, don’t be afraid to embrace the differences and learn something new – even if it means getting a few extra pecks on the cheek!

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