While filming in Georgia, do not miss the unique Caucasian film locations. Georgia is a beautiful country found at the intersection between Europe and Asia. Check out the spectacular UNESCO Heritage sites and dive straight into history. See the places where the first Europeans were born. Taste the wine right where it was first created. And count on Storytailors to be the video production company you need.

We can provide the best production support to any filmmaker. Our versatile portfolio includes TV productions, commercial video productions, and even documentary filming. If you are filming in Georgia, let us guide your steps to take your video production at the next level.

Full Production Support & Video Production in Georgia


Let Georgia mesmerize you with its gorgeous scenery. And let our video production company make filming in Georgia less of a mountain to climb. For documentary filming or a fresh web video production, you need local resources. This is where Storytailors comes into the scene.

Our production support team is ready to move mountains for you. We bring you the ideal film crew for hire in Georgia. We assist you with the procedures for getting a film permit. And for the most convenient gear kit rental rates, we got your back. We have a large network of collaborators, so we can make film equipment rental less of a headache for you.

We are a top-notch video production company in Georgia. We are fully dedicated to our work and we love to help filmmakers achieve their goals. We provide the highest level of production support. We have motivated and creative team members, who will tackle any challenge. Our film location scout manager will take you to places that suit best your corporate video or even a promotional video. Filming in Georgia will be the key to your successful commercial video production. Telegenic film locations, an experienced production coordinator – we find them for you. For an amazing video production, we provide you with the best film lighting equipment as well. When filming in Georgia, count on our video production company to support your vision.

Behind a successful TV production, there is always a hard-working production support team. Our international collaborations are proof of our dedication. We have been the first choice as a video production company in Georgia for brands like BBC, Netflix. Discovery Channel also counted on our team for some documentary filming. So, you should ponder no more. We are the ones who can provide you with the best production support. Contact us to help you bring your creative ideas to life when filming in Georgia!

Filming in Georgia with Storytailors

Make sure you get the best film crew for hire when you are filming in Georgia. Choose the best video production company to help you with that. And let go of the worry of finding the best lens rental deals. Storytailors is what you need for your video production in Georgia.

Are you working on a web video production or doing documentary filming? Rely on our expert production support. When filming in Georgia, our experience is hard to top.


We are a leading video production company and we know best what filmmakers need. We can get you the film lighting equipment you need to make the most of the gorgeous film locations here. Our film location scout manager will guide you to the ideal places for your video production in Georgia.

We will take care of dealing with the local authorities for you. Getting a film permit is a task our video production company members often do. So sit back, relax and enjoy the view. We got the production support experts up our sleeve. We will take care of the paperwork, get the best lens rental deals.  We will bring you the best production coordinator. Everything you need so filming in Georgia goes down in history as the best experience for you.

BBC, Netflix, Discovery Channel have trusted our video production company. And so should you. We will not let anything stand in our way, we give our best in every project. TV productions, corporate videos, and even promotional videos – we have done it all. And we have made it to the top. Count on our production support and you will see more of the full side of the glass.

Are you thinking about filming in Georgia for your next promotional video? Storytailors is the video production company you are searching for. Rely on our production support experts to turn your video production in Georgia into a real success. Contact us today!



Everything was great. Balint is a pleasure to work with and he’s really across everything. I’m sure we’ll work together again in the future.

Sara Monetta

Producer, BBC / assignment in Hungary

The team were instrumental in our pre-production, production and post-production process.
They helped secure locations, assisted during interviews and helped with transcription of Romanian interviews into English.

Jonah Kessel

The New York Times / assignment in Romania

I would just like to thank you for all of your hard work and assistance with our production.
Everything ran very smoothly, and our client were very happy with the results, so many thanks on behalf of everyone at Chief.

Nick Crossley

Producer, Chief Productions (UK) / assignment in Algarve, Portugal

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