If you are filming in Italy, you need to have the best team of experts to assist you. And this is where Storytailors comes in the scene. From the gorgeous Alps, all the way to the fresh breeze of the Mediterranean, Italy is more than just the homeland of pizza and romance in a gondola. It is a versatile filming destination, where you can find exquisite film locations and turn your TV production or corporate video ideas into an eye-catching reality. 

As an experienced video production company, we are here to help you find the best ways to materialize your creative vision, turning a web video production or a commercial video production into a real success. We strive to find the most effective solutions and it is our priority to respect your time and budget requirements. We make impossible things achievable through hard work and full dedication to our clients’ cause.

Why Should We Be Your First Choice When Filming In Italy?


Choose Storytailors as your video production company in Italy and see how your vision turns into reality. Filming in Italy will be an unforgettable experience and the final results will exceed your expectations, whether you are working on a promotional video, a TV production or a corporate video. We provide full production support in Italy and versatility defines our work, as we have collaborated on documentary filming projects, commercial video productions and much more.

Our team members have a deep and well-documented level of knowledge for the job. Beyond that, we are proud of our consistent and relevant experience as a respected video production company in Italy. Our portfolio includes collaborations with world-renowned brands such as BBC, Discovery Channel, the New York Times, Netflix. We have made it our primary mission to make filming in Italy a smooth experience for you.

No matter the type of video you are planning to be filming in Italy, make sure you choose the best video production company to assist you with the little details. We can certainly provide you with the support you need from the beginning.

Forget about the trouble you normally go through to obtain a film permit in Italy. We will make sure everything falls right into place and you can focus on your creative work more than on the paperwork. Count on our local experts to save you the trouble and enjoy the extra time you have to develop your video production concept.

Complete Production Support & Video Production Company in Italy

When you are filming in Italy, make sure to get in touch with us. We are an experienced and highly appreciated video production company and our aim is to help you by providing full production support. Whether you need web video production assistance or some help with gear kit rental in Italy, we can guide you every step of the way.


Film equipment rental in Italy made easy

Our knowledgeable team efficiently deals with various video production services, handling for you the whole rental process. We make sure you get the best film lighting equipment and the best lens rental rates, so filming in Italy becomes a piece of cake (or a slice of pizza) for you.

Leave the paperwork on us

If getting a film permit is one of your main concerns when you want to do a commercial video production, rest assured we are here to make things simple. With our guidance and experience, video production in Italy is no longer a hassle for you.

Make the most of the best film locations in Italy

Each member of our team knows the best spots in the area and that is why we are so good at providing production support for video producers. Therefore, if you need a reliable film location scout, count on us. Filming in Italy will certainly top your expectations when you have an experienced video production company like us by your side.

Get the best production support team

When you need a team that can understand your creative vision and help you reach your goals, Storytailors is the perfect match. More than the average video production company in Italy, we can take care of all the fine details which involve not just the logistics. More than that, we promise to bring the best film crew for hire and having one of our production coordinators will guarantee all requirements are met and any obstacles are overcome.

Let us go the extra mile for you

As we strive to provide the best production support, we try our hardest to guarantee the high quality of our services. We have helped filmmaking professionals from all over the world to reach their desired outcome. As a top video production company in Italy, we would love to help you fulfill your creative vision. Contact us to talk more…

When you choose your video production company in Italy, make sure you pick us. We are fully committed and we successfully combine knowledge, technique, and experience. More than that, we strive to creatively approach any issue, as we always focus on finding the best solution. Our production support collaborations with global brands have enhanced our skills for implementing the unique vision each client has. Get in touch with us and let us help you transform your video production concept into a real success.



Everything was great. Balint is a pleasure to work with and he’s really across everything. I’m sure we’ll work together again in the future.

Sara Monetta

Producer, BBC / assignment in Hungary

The team were instrumental in our pre-production, production and post-production process.
They helped secure locations, assisted during interviews and helped with transcription of Romanian interviews into English.

Jonah Kessel

The New York Times / assignment in Romania

I would just like to thank you for all of your hard work and assistance with our production.
Everything ran very smoothly, and our client were very happy with the results, so many thanks on behalf of everyone at Chief.

Nick Crossley

Producer, Chief Productions (UK) / assignment in Algarve, Portugal

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