Hyundai IONIQ – Case Study

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Client – Wired UK

When Wired UK approached us in regards to the Hyundai IONIQ concept cabin, we were thrilled. A future where your car is also your coffee shop, dry cleaners, and movie theater – who wouldn’t be thrilled?

We had to convey that state-of-the-art yet possible future into a promo video that got people excited. As it turned out, Hyundai’s IONIQ concept cabin promo became one of our most interesting corporate video production projects.

What we did

Storytailors was in charge of the creative execution of this video. We serviced Wired UK by:

  • Directing the video
  • Managing the studio
  • Providing camera & lightening equipment
  • Managing a production crew of 10 people
  • Dealing with the logistics matters
  • Providing post-production video editing services

Where we did it

The shooting took place in Seoul, South Korea, and lasted a month. A very interesting fact about this project is that it was done completely remotely. The creatives from Wired UK in London didn’t have to travel to Seoul as we had boots on the ground.

This way, we managed to save time, effort, and money, as well as avoid the hassle of sanitary protocols during a time of lockdown. Wired UK supervised the creation of this video from London while we did our work in Seoul.

How we did it

Storytailors’ network spans over 100+ countries, so it was fairly easy to find the right people for this project in South Korea. A local media professional supervised the production on the ground, making sure that the shooting went smoothly, while one of our project managers kept in touch with Wired UK.

Storytailors were great in facilitating an overseas shoot in South Korea during lockdown. It was a tricky brief, with lots of moving parts and the guys helped us find solutions at every turn.

Lucy Hewitt, Wired UK

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