Unveiling the Power of Location Scouting in Video Making and How to Find the Best Spot

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Whether you’re shooting a film, commercial, or social media content, finding the perfect spot can make or break your project. The right location sets the tone, conveys your message, and captures your audience’s attention. However, finding the ideal spot can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start.

Location scouting is a crucial aspect of video production that can make or break your project’s success. It involves finding the perfect spot to set the scene and tell the story you want to convey. A well-chosen location can make your video more visually appealing, enhance the mood and atmosphere, and create a more immersive experience for your viewers.

Choosing a location that aligns with your vision and message and captures your audience’s attention from the outset is essential. Location scouting also helps you anticipate any logistical challenges during filming, such as equipment needs or lighting issues, and mitigate them beforehand. By carefully selecting your location, you can save time and effort during production and achieve a more polished end result.

Now, let’s explore some additional ways in which location can have a significant impact on the success of your video:


Lighting is one of the most critical factors to consider when scouting for locations. Lighting can make or break the mood and atmosphere of your video. Depending on the time of day, the sun’s angle and the presence of natural light can change dramatically, so it’s essential to find the right spot that suits your needs. A well-lit location enhances the visuals and makes your production process easier, saving time and effort in post-production.


Depending on the type of video you’re creating, you may need a large or small space to accommodate your equipment and crew. It’s also crucial to consider how many people you’ll have on set and any props or equipment you’ll need. A location that is too cramped or too large can create logistical issues and make your production more challenging.

Props and Backdrops

Props and backdrops can add depth and dimension to your video, but finding the right ones can be challenging. When location scouting, keep an eye out for any natural props or backdrops that fit your vision. Consider the colors, textures, and patterns that work best for your video. It’s also essential to ensure that any props or backdrops you bring are feasible to transport and set up on location.

For example, when we filmed a project in Romania, we were captivated by the country’s diverse and picturesque landscapes. The rolling hills, medieval castles, and charming villages provided various natural props and backdrops. We strategically incorporated elements such as rustic stone walls, vibrant traditional costumes, and lush forests to enhance the visual storytelling. Additionally, we collaborated with local artisans and prop masters to source authentic and culturally relevant props that added an extra layer of authenticity to our production. It was important to consider the logistics of transporting and setting up these props and backdrops on location, ensuring they seamlessly integrated into the overall aesthetic while maintaining practicality for the shoot.


Finding a location with good acoustics and minimal background noise is crucial for capturing high-quality sound. Make sure to scout locations for potential noise disturbances, such as traffic or construction noise. Choosing the right location can help you save time and money on sound editing and make your production process smoother.

The legal considerations to consider regarding location scouting

When scouting and filming on location, several legal considerations must be considered. This includes obtaining the necessary permits and insurance and being aware of any laws or regulations that may apply to the location or activity. It is also essential to respect the property owner’s rights and the privacy of the individuals who live or work in the area.

Storytailors collaborates with local production managers who will guide you to explore unconventional places to find the ideal location for your video project.

In conclusion

Producing a video involves a lot of work, and there are many things to keep in mind at every stage. Many people focus on creating a storyboard and finding the right crew, but they often overlook the importance of selecting the right locations.

However, if you think about successful productions like Moulin Rouge or the Grand Budapest Hotel, you’ll realize that the location sets the mood for the entire video.
If you need help with your video project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. We handle projects of all sizes and can assist you in every aspect of the video production process, as much as you need.

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