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They say each journey begins with a first step. We say that each successful media production begins with finding the right team. Storytailors stands by visionary filmmakers, all across the world. Dedicating our efforts to provide access to all the resources you need, we save your time and energy. To turn revolutionary ideas into a one-of-a-kind production, you need a crew of experts like us. Passionate and hard-working, we strive to know and surpass your expectations every time. You may have often wondered “where can I find a reliable company for video production near me?”. Well, here is your answer. Storytailors is the ultimate prod house, providing a wide array of media services. Consider our crew of professionals as the ace up your sleeve. The assistance of a specialized team allows you to focus on what truly matters – being creative. And while some of you are here on purpose, we know there are still some skeptics out there. So, here is why working with us proves priceless for many filmmakers.

The Importance of Having Access to Local Media Production

From idea development to distribution, each stage of video production involves various resources. Working on a commercial or documentary in your home country may sound accessible. But once you decide to go abroad, you soon realize there are many challenging aspects. Imagine finding the most suitable shooting spots or crew in a remote location. Media production can turn into a real treasure hunt. Language barriers, intricate paperwork, all these issues can take too long to solve. And the more time you spend in production, the higher the costs. For those on a budget, every day makes a great difference. So, for any documentary, commercial or web video production, save your breath.

With the help of an experienced prod house on the scene, you know you get to find exactly what you need. Storytailors is precisely that – a media production company providing all-encompassing services. In numerous locations across the globe, we have a team of experts at your service. Thanks to our network of collaborators, you get full access to filming resources in no time. Even in the most remote locations, we find a way to make shooting possible.

Local crew, state-of-the-art gear, support with formalities, all come included. Always trust an extensive portfolio that meets even the most exigent filmmaker’s standards. Collaborating with local mavens saves you from a lot of trouble. So, stop running around and ask for the help of a regional media production company. Trust Storytailors to be the prod house you can rely on from day one. 

5 Aspects to Consider When Choosing Your Media Production Company

If you look for “video production near me”, your search engine will quickly return results. An overwhelming number of results. And that can bring you nowhere closer to making a decision about it. So, in such moments, how do you make the right choice?

Well, here are five aspects to keep in mind during your search. Each can play a greater role, depending on your vision or production.

1. Does their production quality match your standards?

Take a look through their portfolio and see if you find what you were hoping for. Even if you are new to the field, you can easily spot flaws in any type of media production. From the sound in recordings to lighting or b-roll, each detail reflects the work quality. If you get a feeling of inconsistency, keep looking. You want to work with professionals, not amateurs.

2. Are their clients the same scale as your company?

For a versatile prod house, working with individual clients or large companies is a given. Finding one that can address your needs properly is the ultimate goal.

3. How easy is it to work with them?

This may be hard to know prior to a collaboration. But you can get an idea of their style from the descriptions or reviews on their website. Your aim is to find a team open to your ideas, not trying to impose theirs.

4. How extensive is their portfolio?

For long-term projects or an innovative web video production, requirements vary. Ensure your prod house can supply all the resources you actually need on and off-set.

5. Is their price range compatible with your budget?

You will have a dedicated budget for each stage, from pre-production to distribution. So you want a media production company with rates compatible with what you can afford.

Media Production During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Media production across the borders is both challenging and exciting. Add a global pandemic to the equation and many filmmakers will feel lost. Finding the resources to make your movie or web video production happen is possible. But for that to be achievable, local support proves highly valuable.

Restrictions, local regulations, accessible locations, qualified crew – we know all about them. Storytailors ensures you get access to a nationwide network of professionals. In all our locations, we take all the required safety measures. So we can make your production happen, without any health risks.

We help you handle every detail to align with the new Covid-19 safety regulations. From crew testing to protective equipment, filming must now meet new standards. Rely on us to know all the specific safety restrictions within each country. There are also some specific risk-based measures, depending on your media production. The crew size or impact on public areas will need to be fully established before you start shooting.

Last year’s lockdown has forced many filmmakers to put their productions on hold. But filming during the coronavirus pandemic is now creating new opportunities. Working on a “video production near me” may be temporarily restricted. Social distancing, crew testing and proper hygiene are now the only way to return on-set.

Get in touch with a knowledgeable crew and get back to filming. Storytailors ensures a wide array of video production services, fully customizable. Enjoy access to local resources, competitive rates, and safety on-set while shooting worldwide!

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