Online Commercial Video Production during Coronavirus

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Online commercial video production seems to be a viable solution during the coronavirus crisis when there are many travel bans in place. This crisis has affected a lot of the economy’s sector, but some sectors have been harder hit than others. Journalism, filmmaking, and even corporate video production are some of these sectors. However, we live in an era where technology can help us deal with impossible situations. And this is what this article is about – using the technological advances to continue our work through online commercial video production.

QTAKE technology

QTAKE is an advanced software that is ideal for online commercial video production. It utilizes the GPU power of advanced graphic cards to offer you the possibility for intense image processing in real time. It has several interesting features that prove crucial in these times.

Some of the best features of QTAKE include:

  • You can insert markers and chapters during recording. After each recording, it instantly switches to DISK mode making it easier for you to control the process.  
  • It has a Teradek cube which can be used to capture Wi-Fi signal without the need for additional equipment.
  • It allows for on-set editing due to its built-in editing tool.

There are many more intelligent functions of this advanced product that you can try. The process of shooting a video and editing it is much simplified with QTAKE.

online commercial video production

Storytailors has teamed up with QTAKE

When it comes to online commercial video production, we need to adapt and use the best technologies. This is why Storytailors has partnered up with QTAKE. It becomes really easy for you to direct the outcome of your corporate or commercial video when you are working with us.

You can do it safely, from the comfort of your home. With the help of a local fixer and QTAKE technology, you are in full control of the shooting, just as if you were present on the set.

The obvious advantage of using QTAKE with Storytailors is that you don’t have to postpone your project anymore. We live uncertain times, but the economy must go on. Storytailors offers a safe and efficient solution for that to happen.

Another important advantage of online commercial video production is that you can stay safe. You don’t have to travel and you can shoot your video wherever you want. While some countries have opened their borders, others have not. However, online commercial video production is not limited at all. One of our local coordinators can gather up the information you need and deal with the logistics of filming. And while you will be thousands of kilometers away, with QTAKE technology it will feel as if you were present on the set.

A global network of production & media professionals for online commercial video production

Storytailors is a network of media production professionals with a presence in over 40 countries. All that you have to do is check out the list of countries we are present in and get in touch with us. Even if you don’t see the country where you want to shoot on our list, you should still get in touch. We strive to accommodate all of our clients’ requests and figure out ways for them to get the best possible outcome.

If you have an upcoming project that involves online commercial video production or another type of media production, get in touch with us, and let’s see how we can help you. Make the most of QTAKE technology and our local insights with Storytailors.

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