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With a vast portfolio of impeccable video production services, Storytailors defines itself as a versatile film production company. We worked with various world-renowned clients and have successfully overseen corporate film production projects, documentary movies as well as some popular corporate videos and news stories. With a strong presence in over 140 countries, Storytailors is the media production company you want to work with when filming abroad. Take a look at some of the projects featured in our portfolio to get a sense of how our video production services can help you achieve your goals.


Our work

Our recent work

Gold: A Journey With Idris Elba

Country: Peru Type: documentary

Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story

Country: Brazil Type: documentary

Chris Tarrant – Extreme Railways

Country: Romania Type: documentary

Sharing Humanity | UNESCO

Country: France Type: short documentary

Top Gear | The Aston Martin Valkyrie

Country: Bahrain Type: TV series

Running Tips from an Phillip Pfieger | adidas

Country: Spain Type: commercial

Netflix | Ilary Blasi: The one and only

Country: UK Type: documentary

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father

Countries: Moldova & Romania Type: documentary

PUMA Forever

Country: Ivory Coast Type: commercial

UNICEF – Raising Parents

Country: India Type: documentary

BEFRS | Lebanon’s Cheapest Street Food

Country: Lebanon Type: food review show

Episode 1 | Season 32 | The Only Way Is Essex

Country: Cyprus Type: TV series

Daz Games | Stranded on an Island

Country: Malaysia Type: YouTube series

How Green Panda drives growth with Unity

Country: France Type: corporate

CTV News | ‘I’m Sandie Rinaldo’

Country: Israel Type: news

Crypto Bros | RTÉ Player

Country: Nigeria Type: documentary

La cucina italiana a Kuala Lumpur | Little Big Italy

Country: Malaysia Type: Reality TV


Countries: Latvia & Poland Type: documentary

Montana Aerospace Supply Chains

Country: Romania Type: industrial

Fendt Caravan Bianco 2024

Country: Slovenia Type: commercial

National Geographic | Drain the Oceans

Country: Croatia Type: documentary

BMW Group | Second life EV Batteries

Country: South Africa Type: commercial

Amore unter Palmen

Country: Cuba Type: TV show

Water Category Winner – LEDARS

Country: Bangladesh Type: short documentary

Inside Japan’s Earthquake Simulator

Country: Japan Type: documentary

Steven Eats Through Korea | The Watcher

Country: South Korea Type: entertainment

Restaurant of the future | TV Show

Country: Singapore Type: TV show

World Humanitarian Day 2021

Country: France Type: short documentary

World’s Most Dangerous Roads | S4 E6: Romania

Country: Romania Type: TV series

Women in Rugby Team | Mastercard

Country: Paraguay Type: branded doc

DISCIPLES by Jess Kohl | Dazed

Country: Malaysia Type: documentary

Total War Guide To Defending Egypt with Phil Wang

Country: Egypt Type: documentary series

FIFA | Korea Asia Stories Episode 5

Country: South Korea Type: documentary

Woombikes | How are woom bikes produced

Country: Cambodia Type: industrial

Daz Games | We Built a Real Raft to Float Across an Ocean

Country: Malaysia Type: Youtube series

Kabrita | A light guides me on a mother’s journey

Country: Saudi Arabia Type: commercial

Under Armour Run Series

Country: Malaysia Type: commercial

Oracle | Sejong Hospital

Country: South Korea Type: branded doc

Once Upon a Bite

Countries: Peru and Romania Type: documentary

Investigation: Who’s Telling the Truth about Disco Elysium?

Country: Estonia Type: documentary

Real-Time Insights Available Anywhere, Anytime | PUMA

Country: Germany Type: corporate

CANAL+ Coeurs d’athlètes

Country: Hungary Type: documentary

Australian Epic | ABC TV + iview

Countries: Indonesia and Japan Type: musical comedy

National Geographic | One Strange Rock

Country: Romania Type: documentary

Sky Arte | The Arch

Countries: Germany, Greece and South Korea Type: documentary

Novo Nordisk | Living with obesity: Queena’s story

Country: Taiwan Type: social campaign

Kingdom Come: Downfall (part 3)

Country: Romania Type: documentary trilogy

Unity | How P+HS Architects uses real-time technology

Country: UK Type: commercial

Kau vs Aku | TV series

Country: Australia Type: TV series

People Like Me | IFPMA

Countries: South Africa, Colombia, Belgium Type: documentary


Country: USA Type: commercial

Two Worlds Apart | EP2 – Marseille

Country: France Type: documentary

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad – S03E04

Country: Slovenia Type: entertainment

Veritasium | The Rainiest Place On Earth

Country: Japan Type: documentary

Voice of America News | Moldova – the labyrinth of identity

Country: Romania Type: current affairs

UNITY | Driving innovation with a marine vessel configurator

Country: UK Type: industrial

World Health Organization | Tobacco: The Quitter Diaries Series – Ep 1

Country: Bosnia Type: testimonials

PUMA Forever | Senegal

Country: Senegal Type: commercial

Tissot celebrates the NBA Paris Game 2024

Country: France Type: ad

Cisco | Enriching Lives Through Connectivity

Country: Ethiopia Type: corporate

HP IDEA Testimonial Video

Country: Ghana Type: testimonials

2 days as a Dabbawala in Mumbai | Galileo ProSieben

Country: India Type: Youtube series

BEFRS | Lebanon $100 Street Food Challenge

Country: Lebanon Type: food review show

Johnny Harris | Why Turkey is Holding this Island Hostage

Country: Cyprus Type: short doc

Knorr | Dare to Try campaign

Country: Mexico Type: entertainment

Google News Initiative | Next Gen News report

Country: Nigeria Type: testimonials

RD Content | The Thread

Country: South Korea Type: commercial

COLLISIONS | Les chasseurs d’astéroïdes

Country: Japan Type: documentary

iFit 5K Training Series Part 2: Romania

Country: Romania Type: commercial

Singapore Airlines: Beyond the Cabin | Seoul

Country: South Korea Type: commercial

Google Marketing Platform | L’Oréal Taiwan Case Study

Country: Taiwan Type: case study

BBC News | Populism in Hungary

Country: Hungary Type: documentary

Corporate Film Production by Storytailors

We helped our clients produce outstanding corporate videos. Because we understand corporate needs, we are a uniquely qualified film production company offering expert services. From putting you in touch with valuable contributors to offering professional video production services, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

Case Study: Hyundai IONIQ

Client – Wired UK

When Wired UK approached us in regards to the Hyundai IONIQ concept cabin, we were thrilled. A future where your car is also your coffee shop, dry cleaners, and movie theater – who wouldn’t be thrilled?

Support for Cover Stories & Journalistic Reports by Storytailors

Our media production company has helped journalists and media professionals with global awareness document their stories. Amongst our clients you can find BBC, The Times, Euromoney, The New York Times as well as iTV and Mainichi Shimbun Japan. From helping journalists with valuable contributors to ensuring expert video production services, Storytailors has always been there for its clients, rising above expectations.

film production company

Case Study: IFPMA

People like us – the story behind the covid-19 vaccines (Client – Greenroom Films)

Especially exciting because it was a multi-country shoot, but also due to the topic, this project aimed to make the stories of the people behind the covid-19 vaccines known to the world.

Documentary Support by Storytailors

Being a group of people always willing to go off-the-beaten path when it comes to production, we were lucky to work with world class clients. We are proud to have been able to help Netflix, Discovery Channel, Channel 4 and other fantastic platforms, channels and companies with their video production needs. Our media production company has been involved with award-winning documentary films and hit shows that millions of people love.

Our documentary projects are also diverse are exciting. From working with Jack Whitehall on Travels with My Father and helping Chris Tarrant with his Extreme Railway Journeys to providing video production services to BAFTA winner James Bluemel, Our media production company takes pride in its diverse projects. What makes us different as a video & film production company is our willingness to overcome any obstacle.

Case Study: Chris Tarrant

Extreme Railway Journeys (Client – Channel 5 UK)

Following in Bram Stoker’s footsteps, this episode of Extreme Railway Journeys reenacts the writer’s journey by train from Budapest to Dracula’s Castle in Romania.

Choose Media Production Services by Storytailors

We are always happy to assist our clients with their requests. If you want to work with a film production company with a global presence, then choose Storytailors.

If you need corporate film production services, by working with us you make sure that you get one of the most competitive support services for corporate videos. If you are looking for help with a documentary film, choose Storytailors to make sure that you get your film permits on time. If you plan on doing a cover story or a news report, get in touch with us and gain access to valuable local contributors.

Regardless of what you need in terms of video production, Storytailors can deliver. Make us your trusted global production partner and choose us whenever you have a shoot in one of the countries we cover. Get a guarantee for professional services no matter where you film with Storytailors.