People like us: the story behind the COVID-19 vaccines – Case Study

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Client – Greenroom Films

Especially exciting because it was a multi-country shoot, but also due to the topic, this project aimed to make the stories of the people behind the COVID-19 vaccines known to the world.

What Greenroom Films wanted was a series of videos focusing on the struggles, fears, and challenges faced by the people behind the COVID-19 vaccines.

What we did

Storytailors was in charge of service production. Since this was a series of fully remote shoots, we were also in charge of providing the creative team in the UK with live camera feed. We helped Greenroom Films with:

  • Local directors of photography for each shoot
  • Managing the local crews in three different countries
  • Location management and film permits
  • Providing the necessary camera kits
  • Covid-19 protocol testing thought the duration of the shoots
  • Live camera feed for all the shoots

Where we did it

The shoots took place in Waasmunster (Belgium), Johannesburg (South Africa), and Bogota (Colombia).

It was not only a multi-country shoot but also a shoot that extended to three different continents. The fact that it was a fully remote shoot also added to the list of challenges.

However, we successfully provided Greenroom Films with everything they needed to be able to supervise the filming from the UK, thus saving time and money and ensuring total compliance with the covid-19 sanitary protocols.

How we did it

In each of the three countries, we had a local collaborator supervising the shoot, while the project manager ensured smooth communication with Greenroom Films. This goes to show that, even with a project that spans over three completely different parts of the world, our network acts like a quality guarantee.

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