Video Production Services In The Times Of Global Pandemics

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Many industries around the world have suffered since the beginning of 2020 and the global coronavirus pandemic. The unstable business environment and uncertainty of tomorrow have greatly affected most people, including those working in video production services. A good production assistant has become harder and harder to find, as the ones who’ve stood the test of the pandemic are usually booked. Because of this, video production turned into an even more challenging, almost impossible feat.

This is why companies that work in the business of movie or documentary production have had to adapt and bring out the best in their talents. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the right ways in which production companies can deal with the coronavirus pandemic. From trial and error and an unprecedented working environment, a new way of dealing with adversity has been installed in the video production industry, available to all. Here is how you can find the right videographers and production assistants in the times of uncertainty brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

What’s it like producing video content in the times of coronavirus

All of the rules of commercial video production that people were following have changed with the beginning of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. It’s no secret to everyone that, with everything happening around the world, video production services have suffered many changes, including in terms of hiring personnel and acquiring equipment. Just looking for videographers near a certain location is proving to be more and more difficult than before. This is because the pandemic and its rules have changed the way people work, with many working from home and not being able to travel.

Because of this, the first move of video production services to counter the effects of the pandemic was to outsource more people from certain locations where travel is almost off-limits. For example, for a country from a red zone, companies would hire even production directors from the ground, not having to fly them over borders that require passes or negative tests. Hiring local personnel is oftentimes cheaper as well, as most production companies work in lower-income countries. This means they can spend less on hand-power and more on the actual sets and quality of the video.

Another issue that is regarded in video production in the pandemic is the need for constant disinfection services. Most countries require firms to implement cleaning protocols, as well as to have their employees wearing masks. This is adding an extra layer of cost and handling of affairs to a video production gig, but a necessary one. Safety of actors, interviewers in case of documentaries, as well as the rest of the staff is mandatory and of top priority during a pandemic shooting.

Five things to look for in a great production assistant

Making the most out of hiring the most appropriate videographers near you is key when dealing with high-level commercial video production. This is what separates great video production services from the average. There are many traits to look for in your next assistant.

1. Timely – Your new production assistant has to be on time, with punctuality being his middle name. It’s one of the most important traits regardless of domain or job, especially when you’re dealing with a  filming crew that’s right on schedule.

2. Resourceful – Great video production services work based on resources. An assistant with great resources will leave no stone unturned for the good workings of the shooting day and will ask very few questions while delivering what you need.

3. Intelligent – While production assistants are not required to deal with the most important tasks, they’re often sent out to solve the tiny, yet essential bits. Make sure your future assistant has that innate intelligence that separates problem solvers from regulars.

4. Speedy – When dealing with large crews during filming, you need things done fast. This is why your production assistant should be fast, dealing with any situation at a smart fast pace, rather than just quickly. Adjusting as they go, no matter the issue.

5. Trustworthy – Finally, probably the most important trait of a great production assistant is for them to be of their word. No matter what they’re entitled to, be it sensitive information about the production or the crew, keeping a low profile about it is key.

Videographers at work in a pandemic

Video production services around the world have adapted to the new unwritten and official rules of living through the ongoing pandemic. Commercial video production has moved on, as many industries did, and figured out safe ways to keep working on their projects. One of the categories of people who’ve been affected by the pandemic is videographers. When looking for videographers near them, crews often find them either in short supply or unavailable at all. This is because of two reasons.

One, videographers are at work even during a pandemic, and now even more than before, as entertainment such as movies, TV series, and documentaries have sprung up in numbers. Or two, a lot of videographers you’d find for commercial video production have changed their area of work to weddings and other private events, leaving the video production services area behind. This happened as a result of the general fear that encapsulated all industries at the start of the pandemic.

Yet there are still many, amazing videographers who’re ready to go behind the camera and film the next big video hit. Talented people await the right crew and project to show the world what it means to produce incredible quality video content. All it takes is a little research and the right people will eventually find their way into the crew.

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